The Biggest Edge In Carp Fishing - Worms! | Roo Abbott

There are loads of wonderful carp baits out there but few top the mighty worm.

Often a bait most start their fishing journey with, worms become massively overlooked as anglers progress on to man-made baits like pellets and boilies. But this is a huge mistake, as when used correctly, worms can be one of the biggest edges in carp fishing.

Worms Carp Fishing Rig

Roo Abbott is just one man in the OMC Team who has enjoyed phenomenal success on these wrigglers in both France and at home in the UK. He uses a very specific rig to fish them, we aren't sure what to name it, but the Octopus Rig sounds pretty good! Here's how to tie it...

  1. Take a length of 25lb Blend Coated Braid and strip around 4-inches of the coating back.
  2. Attach an OMC Wormurai Sprig Stop and some Hook Silicone.
  3. Thread the Silicone onto a Lock Hook.
  4. Create a hole in a big pop-up with a needle before pushing the Sprig through.
  5. Adjust your hair to your preferred size and whip a Knotless Knot.
  6. Thread a Dazzler Curve down over the eye of the hook.
  7. Next thread on a Dog Bone Sinker to just shy of the curve. 
  8. Using a needle, attach your lobworms.
  9. Add a corkball to the top, the same way you added the pop-up.
  10. Finish off the rig with an Anti-Tangle Sleeve and Twisted Figure-of-Eight Loop Knot.

You can fish this rig over all sorts of baits, but a mix that includes some chopped worm will work best. Prepare this as and when you need it, not in advance, as worms can be quick to turn.

If your venue doesn't have many nuisance fish, you can leave your rig in the pond until a carp investigates it - which shouldn't take too long!