This Will Take Your Carp Rigs To The NEXT LEVEL!

Extending the shank of the hook makes your carp rigs incredibly difficult for fish to deal with. Historically anglers have done this with Shrink Tube, but for OMC customers there is now a much faster, stiffer and more colourful solution.

The Dazzlers Long Leg Aligners are the latest edition to our Dazzlers range and create a whole new set of problems for carp to try and deal with. They give you optimum rigidity by altering the shape and mechanics of the hooking arrangement. When added, they create a really long shank to the hook before kicking it in for aggressive hooking. You won't see many, if any, fish losses when armed with these stunners.

You can use the Long Legs with popular OMC Hook choices, including the phenomenal Lock, Cassien, Horseshoe and Colne V. The unique shape of each means you will create a rig that behaves slightly differently each time. Just this small addition will help achieve deeper and safer hookholds that lock in place.

The Long Legs are available in Large sizes with a tapered body, which means they can be cut down slightly for smaller hooks. Add this trait to the four colours they are available in, Brown, Yellow, Red and White, and you have a versatile product that will improve any rig.