🤿 Underwater: Carp Fishing in the Snow ❄️ | Ali Hamidi | One More Cast

⚠️WARNING: This video contains some mild swearing⚠️

In this 80 minute film, Ali Hamidi and the team, attempt to catch a carp, on an underwater camera, in the snow, in sub zero conditions during the late winter of 2023. One year in the making! Without a doubt one of the most exhilarating & challenging projects Ali Hamidi and OMC have ever had the pleasure of being involved with!

We took on a monumental challenge in sub zero snow riddled Shropshire temperatures alongside ‪@Underfishing‬ & ‪@kwintenfishing‬ , plus Rob & Harry Hales from RH Fisheries.

The venue we chose was RH Fisheries's mega water, "The Avenue", a 10 fish a season syndicate, so if you’re serious about your carp fishing, want to learn more about the carps activities on pressured waters (when the “weatherman says stay at home”) then you can’t fail to learn from this film. It’s informative, humorous, spellbinding & most of all eye opening from the first second to the last!

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