'My Simple European BIG Carp Rig That Beats All Others' | David Rosemeier

Need a rig that is reliable, effective and strong enough to catch you big carp all over Europe? If so, you've come to the right place! In this article, David Rosemeier explains how and why he uses his favourite all-round Blowback Rig to catch the real monsters consistently...

David Rosemeier German Carp Fishing

For the popular Blowback Rig, I deliberately opt for a solid, quick and easy-to-tie variant that becomes a real claw thanks to small but decisive features.

I am particularly flexible on the water with this rig. The soft material makes it ideal for taking off the boat, it can be offered on a wide variety of lead systems and is always fishing effectively thanks to its key components. A loop tied at the end allows me to easily attach my rig to the Quick Change Swivel too, so changing the presentation and hook is simple.

Sound like something you want in your fishing? Here's what you need to tie it... 

David Rosemeier Blowback Carp Rig


What makes my Blowback Rig stand out from other anglers and why do I put my full trust in it? To find out, we need to take a closer look at the rig...

Lock Hook Blowback Rig

Starting at the top, the loop and the Anti-Tangle Sleeve are a common method for quickly changing the rig while fishing and preventing tangles during the cast.

If we follow the rig further down towards the hook, the lead bead/shot in combination with the soft material immediately catches the eye. And this is the literal 'sticking point'. By using the soft braid, the hook gets maximum play, can turn superbly and behaves naturally under the water. The lead bead/shot acts as a counterweight so that the hook always drops down when the bait is sucked in and grips perfectly in the lower lip.

But that's not all...the hook I use itself also enhances the turning effect thanks to its special shape. The Lock Hook is now one of my absolute favourites. It's so hard for the fish to deal with, they just never come off! The hair on this rig is held in place by a piece of Silicone Tube, which gives the hook an even more aggressive angle for correct positioning.

Lock Hook OMC Tackle

I'm meticulous when putting the rods down and never want to run the risk of picking up weed or similar with the tip of the hook. For this reason, I like to use a piece of PVA, which dissolves in the water after a short time.


As you can see, tying this rig is simple and yet I set it up with great attention to the small details, so each component works with each other...

1 - Take enough material from the spool so that the finished rig is around 15-18cm.

Cutting Carp Fishing Braid

2 -  Tie a loop that serves as a hair, pull on the Silicone Tubing and put this over the tip on the hook shank. Think about whether you want to fish with a Snowman or particles beforehand, and tie the loop longer or shorter if necessary.

Loop In Braid
Silicone Tubing on Lock Hook

3 - After leaving about 4cm as a hair, pass the material through the eye of the hook from behind, tie a knotless knot with five to seven wraps and pass the material through the eye again from behind

Lock Hook Hair Rig
Hair Rig Lock Hook 2

4 - Now attach the lead bead/shot above the hook.

Lead Bead Added To Carp Blowback Rig

5 - The only thing left to do is to thread on an Anti-Tangle Sleeve and finish off the rig with a figure-of-eight loop.

Loop In Braid

6 - I mainly use balanced baits, such as Snowmans with this rig, which I secure with a boilie topper. That's it!

If you are heading to France, Germany or anywhere else in Europe for a carp fishing adventure soon, be sure to have this superb rig in your locker. It's not let me down! 

Despite his young age, author David Rosemeier is already an integral part of the German fishing scene and has turned his hobby into his profession. David is passionate about the adventures he experiences on the bank and can always be found on the big waters in Germany and abroad.