Rig Bundle Guide: The Bloodliner Curve Rig | Carp Fishing Rigs | One More Cast

We absolutely LOVE the Bloodliner Curve Rig here at One More Cast! So much so, that this Rig is included within our Rig Bundles!

Perfect for presenting a wafting or critically balanced hook bait, be sure to give this a try in your own angling when fishing over a clear substrate.

At One More Cast we aim to bring exciting and innovative products to the table. We have our own META (Most Effective Tactics Available) terminal tackle range, tried and tested against some of the biggest freshwater fish in the world!

Along with a beautifully crafted range of clothing for the ultimate experience in performance, style and comfort.

We pride ourselves on product design and innovation; aiming to give you the angler, the very best array of equipment possible for carp fishing.

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