Super Fast Carp Rigs for Rapid Bites!

High speed carp fishing at its finest! The OMC All In One Rigs and the ChopStix PVA System are a match made in heaven! 

If you're new to angling or just short of time, these tactics will bring you rapid bites with the absolute minimum of fuss.

1 - Add the rigs to your Dancefloor mainline with a Palomar Knot.

2 - Floss your hookbait to the rig with some Bait Floss and add a Bait Blob.

3 - Put on one of your favourite OMC Leads.

4 - Grab the ChopStix System and get chopping some Mainline Cell boiles. You can put them through the system twice to make them even smaller.

5 - Tie off the bag nice and tight with two knots. The tighter the better as the rig will then explode on the bottom.