Solid Bag Fishing In Heavy Weed | Ali Hamidi

Weed can be one of the hardest things for a carp angler to try and negotiate. Weed clogs up your rigs, covers your hookpoint and bait, which makes hooking carp very difficult indeed.

There are plenty of methods, tips and strategies, however, which can help anglers beat weedy venues and get the carp feeding right in and around the green stuff. Don't be afraid of weed, because the carp absolutely love it!

One of my favourite methods for beating weedy venues is to fish right in the thick of it using the 'King' of 'pub chuck' rigs, the good old Solid PVA Bag.


Now, I do a few things differently when tying the bag which specifically help in a weedy situation...

  1. Using PVA Tape, I tie two old pop-ups to the hookbait, this lifts the hook and bait out of the pile of feed once on the bottom, before melting and slowly falling back down on the pile. This generates quicker bites.
  2. For weed fishing I use a Large Fade Solid PVA Bag, which I pierce with a baiting needle before loading to help take the air out when tying. 
  3. I use a fine and attractive mix of Mainline groundbaits and pellets
  4. Add a fine layer to the bottom of the bag, then add your lead.
  5. Use a spoon to keep adding bait to the bag and cover the lead. 
  6. Work your hookbait delicately into the bag, pushing the pop-ups into the corner. 
  7. Cover with more pellets and goodies!
  8. Begin to tap the bag on your hands and really start compressing the bag so it gets super tight. This will help the bag explode on the bottom.
  9. Twist the top of the bag and lick and stick the top.
  10. Lick and push the corners in to further compress the bag. 
  11. Puncture the bag and squirt in liquids like Goo, this will help the carp locate the bag. 
  12. Once we cast out, those pop-ups will come to the surface. This not only means I can then accurately place bait over the top, but more importantly, the faster they pop to the top, the better I know the rig is fishing. If they don't pop up at all, we might need to recast!  

Here's a quick explainer video so you can see how it works...

Author Ali Hamidi is the Founder and CEO of One More Cast. He is a regular and popular face on mainstream TV, with his recent show 'The Grand Fishing Adventure' alongside ex-pro footballer Bobby Zamora taking him all over the world. Ali has been fishing and working within the angling trade for decades, bringing many exciting new products to market.