Carp Fishing in Weed | Hinge Rig Made Easy | One More Cast | Ali Hamidi

Want to catch #carp effectively in a weedy swim? Here is another classic pop-up presentation (The Hinge Rig) for fishing over low lying silk weed!

A super easy presentation to try! 🔥 Utilising the NEW @omc_insta Ready Tied Chods Away and Blend Coated Braid! ➡️ The QC Swivel on the #omctackle Pin Lead Clip System also allows for easy interchanging of the Hooklink. 🔥

TOP TIP - ensure the Pop-up is fluttering ever so slowly to the lake bed. Ensuring a perfect presentation over low lying weed. Your pop up will sit proud, whilst the OMC Blend Coated Braid will settle over the contours due to the more supple nature of the material. SAVE IT, TRY IT!

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