The Tackle You Need To Catch Monster Fish In Thailand

It’s no secret how much Ali Hamidi and other UK monster fish hunters love visiting Thailand and specifically The Gillhams Resort!

Over many years Ali has been asked for advice by visitors on exactly what is needed to take to get the very best from your trip to this spectacular country and lakes filled with HUGE Exotic specimens!

With this in mind One More Cast are thrilled to now give you the perfect package to take on your trip to Thailand...

You can be safe knowing all of the Hooks, Hooklinks, Leaders and Dazzlers have been extensively tested on these MONSTER FISH hundreds of times, to ensure when you’ve hooked that 100lb+ Siamese Carp, or even a huge Mekong Catfish, you’re using tried and tested tackle that will bank that dream making PB!

Components used in our Big Beast Bundle are: