These Buzzer Bars do it ALL! | Elbowz Buzzer Bars | One More Cast | Carp Fishing

The Elbowz are a completely unique style of buzzer bar, allowing you to be incredibly versatile and adaptable in your approach! The brackets are completely customisable and removable, meaning you can move your alarms/butt grips along the bar to a point that suits you - with the ability to remove the bracket entirely to fish a single sticks!

Want folded handles and tight rods? No problem! Want a wide splay, old school style? No problem! Want 2 rods on the bars and one on a single? No problem! An exceptionally engineered product, available in 5 different sizes to cater for everybody.

Not only that, but each size is also available in either 316 Stainless Steel, or Super-Lightweight Black Aluminium, allowing you to pick your perfect set up.