Tweakers Eyed Bait Screws! | One More Cast | Carp Fishing

Bait screws are great but limited hey? UNTIL NOW! Previously when using them, bird life could pull a moistened bait off them! Nuisance fish also had the ability to pluck and remove the bait off the Bait Screw with ease…not to mention crays.

What about if you wanted to fish a snowman or add a topper? Do it better, do it smarter. The Tweakers range is all about evolving ideas to improve your performance. Previously they couldn’t be adapted for Snowman/Topper Rigs, nor adjusted to deal with birdlife picking up your hookbait?

The OMC EYED BAIT SCREW has the added hole to allow you to decide whether you want to use it with the addition of Bait Floss or not! Versatility is now ENABLED!

SMALL: (QTY 5) To be used with Boilies 12mm - 18mm

LARGE: (QTY 5) To be used with Boilies 20mm & larger