Try These Tricks When PVA Bag Fishing With Braid | Ali Hamidi

PVA Bag fishing with Mesh PVA is a quick and easy tactic for delivering your rig alongside a tight and accurate pile of feed.

Tying up bags can be fast once you get the hang of it, especially with our new ChopStix system, which features a unique cutting grid, allowing the user to feed different sizes and shapes of baits.

PVA Bag Carp Fishing

Many anglers struggle with their PVA bags being saggy. This isn't the desired outcome because you want the bag to be as tight as possible, so the bait explodes out on the lakebed. 

Here's a simple rig and a few tips to try when using Mesh PVA Bags...

  1. Strip off some 25lb Ammo Braid.
  2. Thread through the eye of our Barbless-only Horseshoe Hook.
  3. Tie the hook to the Braid with a Knotless Knot. 
  4. Cut off the tag or hair and thread on a Dazzler Inturn.
  5. Slide on a Dog Bone Sinker.
  6. Tie a Twisted Figure-of-Eight Loop Knot in the other end of the braid.
  7. Add an Eyed Bait Screw to the Hook and secure in place with a Long Distance Hook Bead.
  8. Thread some Get Flossed through the Eye of the Screw and attach your hookbait. You can use a Snowman! 
  9. Add a Bait Blob for extra security and blob down with a lighter.
  • Add your PVA Mesh Bag to the rig, you should vary the size of the bag depending on the range and situation you're fishing in.
  • To make the bag tight, make sure you twist it and hold your fingers in place before pulling the knot in the PVA down.
  • Using a Stringer Needle on the Cool Tool , thread the bag down the hooklink. This gives you superb anti-tangle properties.
  • If you want to hook on the bag, hook it on once through the mesh, then using your hooklink, create a half hitch over the knot at the top of the PVA. This is a quick method to attach the bag without having to take sinkers and putty off. 

 Author Ali Hamidi is the Founder and CEO of One More Cast. He is a regular and popular face on mainstream TV, with his recent show 'The Grand Fishing Adventure' alongside ex-pro footballer Bobby Zamora taking him all over the world. Ali has been fishing and working within the angling trade for decades, bringing many exciting new products to market.