Work Some All-In-One Magic | Kieran Ryder

One More Cast's popular All-In-One Rigs have just got a whole lot better with a stack of new additions to our already extensive range. 

You can now use our unbelievable LOCK HOOK as part of an All-In-One Rig, meaning you really are fishing with the Most Effective Tactics Available.

Available in Barbed and Barbless, the All-In-Ones suit every venue you might encounter on your carp angling adventures. They are all tied with the super-reliable OMC components many anglers have been using for years now.

This doesn't mean you can't adapt the All-In-One Rigs further to suit your needs, however, as OMC's Kieran Ryder explains...

"You can add the Magic Twig to your All-In-One Spinner Rigs with ease," he says.

Here's how you do it:

  1. Thread the Tubing and Tail Rubber onto the Dancefloor Mainline
  2. Pop the Pin out of the Lead Clip to reveal the QC Swivel.
  3. Thread the Lead Clip onto the line.
  4. Grab a Magic Twig and attach the swivel end to your mainline with a Palomar or Grinner Knot.
  5. Remember to keep your knots wet when tightening them down!
  6. Slide the Lead Clip back down the line over the Twig swivel and clip in place.
  7. Attach your hooklink to the QC swivel side of the Magic Twig.
  8. Add a Lead and a hookbait, cast out and catch a huge carp!