Everything YOU Need To Know About The Ronnie/Spinner Rig

Without a shadow of a doubt, the Ronnie, also known as the Spinner Rig, is easily the most popular carp fishing rig right now and one many would say is the best carp rig there is. Here's everything you need to know...

Ronnie/Spinner Rig

The Ronnie/Spinner is "the only rig you need", some anglers would say.  Well, that's certainly hard to argue - it is pretty damn good! 

This versatile rig can be used on all manner of carp lead systems, with a variety of hookbait options and can be cast over almost any lakebed. Add this to its ability to spin and catch hold in the mouth of the carp regardless of the angle they approach it from, and you truly have the ultimate carp rig.

The Ronnie/Spinner is so easy to set up too, with the angler gifted the ability to change the hook in seconds, making it really useful on busy waters.

But that's enough prelude, here's how to become a Ronnie Master and get a serious edge over everyone at your local...

When To Use The Ronnie/Spinner Rig

  • The Ronnie is perfect for carp from double figures to record sizes.

  • It works well over a mix of particle baits and/or boilies, as well as naturals.

  • Primarily a pop-up presentation, it still works effectively with a wafter or bottom bait.
  • Ronnie Rig variations can be used with any lead system.
Carp looking at Ronnie Rig Underwater

What Is The Ronnie/Spinner Rig & How Does It Work?

The Ronnie/Spinner is formulated on the same principles and is essentially born out of the 360 Rig, which got a bad reputation for causing mouth damage to fish in the net. The Ronnie is far safer for beginner anglers, with the addition of the quick-change style swivel and shrink tube or sleeving keeping everything more securely in place.

A large O-ring on the swivel that holds the hook allows the rig to spin 360 degrees to nail the fish, whatever angle they approach it from.

When fished with pop-ups, the rig sits up like a claw on the bottom, but it can also work with the hook laying flat and the bait hovering above.

When fished with a fluorocarbon boom in the traditional manner, the Ronnie/Spinner becomes a phenomenally effective rig for resetting the entire link perfectly away from the lead. Meaning once pricked, the fish really don't have to move too far to be well and truly nailed. It is an incredibly hard rig for carp to deal with, as proven by extensive underwater filming. 

Carp fishing Ronnie Rig

Essential Ronnie/Spinner Rig Tackle

Here at One More Cast we have created multiple tackle items designed for specific use with the Ronnie/Spinner Rig. Not only will these make the rig neater and faster to tie, they transform the efficiency of your rig too.

Below are the best hooks, swivels, hooklink materials and more in our Ronnie/Spinner Rig shopping list.

Alternatively, why not grab one of our Spinner Rig Packs that include everything you need to tie the rig yourself!

OMC Spinner Rig Pack

Best Hook Patterns For The Ronnie/Spinner Rig 

Curved shank hook patterns like our phenomenal Colne-V are best with the Spinner Rig but our number 1 all-rounder The Lock is also a great choice.

Try to pick a hook with an in-turned eye and a natural curve, this will help it sit like a little claw on the bottom - the perfect position to nail a carp in the bottom lip!

OMC Lock Hook

Best Swivels For The Ronnie/Spinner Rig

One of the most unique elements of the Ronnie Rig is how the hook attaches to the swivel, and our VitaBitz Spinner Rig Size 11 Swivels offer a strong and durable solution for this. Using a swivel of this type will allow the hook to spin 360 degrees and catch a firm hold in the mouth of your next personal best carp.

You'll also need a size 8 Swivel or QC Swivel for the mainline end of the rig and if you really want to add some speed to your fishing, check out our latest Tweakers Dog Bone Ronnie Clips.

OMC Ronnie Rig Clips

Sleeves & Shrink Tube For Ronnie/Spinner Rigs

Traditionally, the Ronnie/Spinner was used with shrink tube, and whilst you still can use shrink tube if you fancy it, our Dazzlers range has totally changed the game in this regard.

When fished with Dazzlers Bloodliner, Magoliner and Wormaliner Inturns,  your Ronnie/Spinner Rig has eye-catching colours and the hook can be changed with the absolute minimum of fuss.

Pair your Inturn with our matching Long Distance Hook Beads in the Dazzlers range and you have the perfect Spinner hook section that won't budge or let you down when you need it most.

Dazzlers Colours For Carp Rigs

At the rig end closer to the mainline, you're also going to need some form of anti-tangle sleeve. This will help the rig kick away from the lead system and reset every time it is disturbed on the bottom.

With a fluorocarbon boom, we'd recommend our Vitabitz Anti Tangle Sleeves but for more supple hooklinks, check out our Blend Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeves.

Anti-Tangle Sleeve OMC

Best Boom/Hooklink Materials For Ronnie/Spinner Rigs

One of the reasons the Ronnie/Spinner Rig is so incredibly popular is its versatility, you can almost use it anywhere, as long as you get your hooklink and lead system choice right.

For harder, cleaner and flatter bottoms, like clay or gravel, sticking to a stiff Fluorocarbon like our Kickback in 25lb or 30lb is the best bet. The stiffness of the material will throw the hook away from the lead every time,  ensuring your trap is as responsive as possible. It will be practically invisible on the bottom too!

These materials perform better crimped than knotted, so grab some of our Vitabitz Crimps. Crimps are incredibly easy to use and are as tough as old boots - you really won't be able to pull them apart!

Crimped Flurocarbon OMC

To fish the Ronnie/Spinner Rig over slightly uneven, weedy or 'choddy' bottoms, try switching the boom section to a more supple coated braid material like our Blend Coated Hooklink. This will ride over any litter on the bottom without kicking the hooklink up in the way of a feeding carp, ensuring everything stays discreet and natural.

Blend Hooklink

Best Bait Attachment For Ronnie/Spinner Rigs

Attaching your chosen hookbait to your Ronnie/Spinner Rig hook section can be done in several ways...

Traditionally, this has been done with a Micro Ring Swivel mounted on the hook and Bait Floss, but in recent years anglers have taken advantage of the speed and efficiency of bait screws. 

Want the best of both worlds? The Tweakers Eyed Bait Screw is here! You can use this truly unique product in both the traditional bait screw fashion and with floss. This will give you a more versatile choice of hookbait options and more importantly, confidence your bait is on at all times - even when tampered with by birds, crayfish or nuisance species. 

Tweakers Eyed Bait Screw

Best Leaders For Ronnie/Spinner Rigs

As mentioned previously, the Ronnie/Spinner Rig can be fished on pretty much every carp fishing lead system going.

For Helicopter Rigs, a strong, reliable and spliceable leader like our Lead Free Corefree or Blend Leadcore are great options.

If you aren't confident splicing your own leaders, our All-In-One Helicopter Spinner Ready Rigs feature two leaders and completed rigs that are armed and ready to cast out - simply just tie to your mainline!

All In One Spinner Rig OMC

The Ronnie/Spinner also works phenomenally well on a lead clip system like our Vitabitz Pin Lead Clips, either on a leader or with a quality fast-sinking anti-tangle tubing like our Blend Tungsten Tubing.

Not common but certainly still effective, don't rule out trying a Ronnie/Spinner end section on an inline lead system either - especially inside a Fade Solid PVA Bag.

You can fish our Inline Flat Pear Leads as a drop-off system neatly and securely thanks to the customised outer gulley. 

Improve The Performance Of Your Ronnie/Spinner Rigs With These Optional Extras

No matter how good a carp rig is, everything needs a little helping hand here and there, right?

For the Ronnie/Spinner Rig, the addition of some added extras can get your presentation as close to perfect as possible.

Just a few drops of our rock solid Blend Tungsten Putty along your hooklink will keep it pinned to the bottom and out the way of those spooky carp. It will also help you perfectly balance your hookbait for a presentation that sits like a dream on the bottom.

Carp Rig Putty OMC

As close to 100% hooking efficiency as any carp rig could get, there's no doubt that carp still get away with it on the Ronnie/Spinner Rig. If you think they are turning you over and you need to cast a spell to change your fortunes, the Magic Twig will come to your rescue. The revolutionary self-triggering hooking device has been proven in underwater filming to 100% increase the overall catch rate of any rig.

That's enough on tackle, keep reading this ultimate guide for more on how to tie the Ronnie/Spinner Rig, how best to use it and some of the OMC team's best tips...

OMC Magic Twig

Two Ways To Tie The Ronnie/Spinner Rig

For the best video guides on tying the Ronnie/Spinner Rig, check out the following videos on the OMC YouTube channel...


How To Tie The Ronnie/Spinner Rig With Fluorocarbon

1 - Cut off 12 inches of Kickback High Diameter Stiff Fluorocarbon.

Spinner Rig How To Tie Step 1

2 - Thread the hooklink through a Vitabitz 0.6mm Kickback Crimp.

Spinner Rig How To Tie Step 2

3 - Thread the hooklink through a Vitabitz Size 8 QC Ring Swivel, then back through the other side of the Crimp.

Spinner Rig How To Tie 3

4 - Using a Crimp Tool, Crimp this down and trim off the tag end.

Spinner Rig How To Tie 4

5 - Thread a Blend 30mm Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeve onto the hooklink.

Spinner Rig How To Tie 5

6 - Pull this over the Vitabitz Size 8 QC Ring Swivel to secure this in place.

Spinner Rig How To Tie 6

7 - Thread another Vitabitz 0.6mm Kickback Crimp onto the hooklink, followed by a Vitabitz Size 11 Spinner Ring Swivel.

How To Tie The Spinner Rig Step 7

8 - Thread the hooklink back through the Crimp, ensuring a small loop is created.

How To Tie The Spinner Rig Step 8

9 - Using a Crimp Tool, Crimp this down and trim off the tag end.

How To Tie The Spinner Rig Step 9

10 - Take a Colne V or Lock Hook and thread a Dazzlers Bloodliner Inturn onto the hook. Note: Hookpoint goes through the widest end of the Bloodliner Inturn.

How To Tie The Spinner Rig Step 10

11 - Pull the Dazzlers Bloodliner Inturn over the eye of the hook and the Size 11 Spinner Ring Swivel.

Spinner Rig How To Tie Step 11

12 - Thread a Vitabitz Size 18 Micro Ring Swivel onto the hook, followed by a Dazzlers Long Distance Hookbead. 

How To Tie The Spinner Rig Part 12

13 - Attach your hookbait and your rig is complete! This rig can be used with both wafters, pop-ups and even bottom baits. (Optional: Mould a small blob of Blend Tungsten Putty to the Crimp to critically balance your rig).

How To Tie The Spinner Rig Part 13

How To Tie The Ronnie/Spinner Rig With Braid

1 - Follow steps 10-13 above. The only change we have made this time is adding the Eyed Bait Screw for rapid and more versatile hookbait changes. Alternatively, to skip this part, grab a pack of our Ronnie Boys which are already rigged up and ready to go.

Ronnie Rig With Bait Screw OMC

 2 - Cut off your desired length of Blend Coated Hooklink. You wan't to adjust the length to match the bottom you're fishing over. The more 'chod' or debris, the longer the link. Longer hooklinks also arguably work better over boilies, whilst shorter is best for particles.

OMC Blend Braid Cut

3 - Using a Grinner Knot (best for strength), tie the Blend Coated Hooklink to the large ring on the Spinner Swivel.

Grinner Knot in Braid

4 - Slide on a small Dog Bone Sinker, for longer links this will help keep everything away from the lead. 

Carp Fishing Sinker

 5 - Slide on a 50mm Blend Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeve and tie a Twisted Figure of Eight Loop Knot at the opposite rig end to the hook. This will help you quick change the entire rig easily. Alternatively, tie direct to the swivel with another Grinner Knot.

Anti Tangle Sleeve and Loop Knot

6 - Add some of our insanely sticky Blend Tungsten Putty around the knot by the hook section to help balance your pop-up.

OMC Putty Added To Carp Rig

7 - Simply screw your bait on to the Eyed Bait Screw. For extra security and versatility, use the unique holes on the screw to add floss. Tie or blob this off to secure the bait from being ripped off the screw, or add even more bait combinations and toppers like plastic corn and maggots. 

Bait Screw and Floss OMC

 8 - Your "cast almost anywhere" Ronnie Rig is finished. Attach to your chosen lead system, cast in the pond and bag a PB!

Ronnie/Spinner Rig on Braid

How To Use The Ronnie/Spinner Rig In Your Carp Fishing

Knowing when to use the Ronnie/Spinner Rig in your fishing is relatively simple, as to be honest, the question should be, when would you not use it? You really can use it in almost any situation you face.

Unlike rigs like the Hinge or Chod Rig, the Ronnie seems to be just as capable at tricking smaller double-figure carp as it is the real monsters. That can mean, however, that it is also much more likely to catch you bream and tench if they are about too, in comparison to the two rigs previously mentioned, which they seem to be better at dealing with.

There are no hard and fast rules in carp fishing, but as it is a pop-up rig, it is perhaps best to avoid fishing it popped up over a fine feed mix like hemp. These finer mixes cause the fish to move slowly on the bottom, where a pop-up rig will make it easier for them to spot and avoid.

You can counter this in two ways: The first is to simply add some larger food items to your mix too, which will cause the fish to feed in a more picky manner and have the challenge of having to filter differing shapes and sizes of food in their mouth.

The second is to fish the rig as a wafter or bottom bait with the hook laying flat. You won't have quite the same hooking properties, but this still works incredibly well, although there are arguably better rigs for bottoms baits.

The final consideration to make when fishing the Ronnie/Spinner is the makeup of the bottom you're casting it over. On firm and clean ground like gravel or clay, a more direct lead system like a lead clip may be preferred. But the Ronnie/Spinner can also be fished in silt and weed in a similar fashion to a Chod Rig on a helicopter leader, with the beads pushed high to allow the rig totally free movement to settle.

There is so much versatility in this rig that it really is all down to experimentation if you want to get the most from it. If the bottom is covered in low-lying debris or a fine layer of silk weed for example, fishing the Ronnie/Spinner on a lead clip but switching to a the braided boom will help it settle and blend in perfectly. 

Ali Hamidi Spinner Rig

The Best Ronnie/Spinner Rig Tips From Team One More Cast

Mix it up with your hookbaits!

With so many people using the Ronnie/Spinner Rig now, you really need to think outside of the box with your hookbaits sometimes to get an edge and keep the bites coming.

In the cooler months, tipping the hookbait with some maggots can get those alarms screaming. This is now easier than ever with the Tweakers Eyed Bait Screws. Using The Cool Tool, simply thread our Get Flossed Bait Floss through the eye on the Bait Screw and screw on your pop-up. Then, grab a needle and thread on a big bunch of maggots before tying off. 

Tiger Nuts are a great hookbait choice for this rig too, particularly in the summer months. Create a beautifully popped up tiger nut by simply threading a cork ball down some floss and screwing it onto the Eyed Bait Screw. Using the remaining floss, thread on a tiger nut and blob the floss down - banging!

For a balanced and wafter style hookbait of different colours and flavours, try threading on a trimmed bottom bait boilie combined with a half pop-up. This acts as a topper and sits beautifully on the bottom. 

If you want something totally out of the box, our Revibed range has made hookbait versatility only limited by your imagination. The Corn Caves act as superb toppers which can be filled with paste, whilst the Bait Orbs can literally be filled with anything you like, from luncheon meat to boilie crumb and everything in the middle. Mount these using the same floss and bait screw combos mentioned.

Get Your Hook Choice Right...

Changing the hook on the Ronnie/Spinner Rig is quick and easy, which makes our super fine point Lock and Colne-V Needle Point hooks a great choice for the rig. The only negative with hooks that are this needle sharp, however, is the point can go over - especially after landing a powerful monster carp! This is the trade off between having a hook that will prick them every time as soon as they go near it and one that is harder wearing. 

If you are an angler who doesn't want to be changing their hooks regularly, then take a look at our Surrender Colne-V range, and for real giant fish in the most demanding of situations, the Cassien does a remarkable job as a Spinner hook too. 

OMC Cassien Carp Fishing Hook

Frequently Asked Ronnie/Spinner Rig Questions 

Can you use PVA bags with a Ronnie Rig?

Yes! On cleaner ground adding a PVA bag can be a great way to increase the attraction in the area around your Ronnie/Spinner Rig. Our new Chopstix PVA Mesh system features a neat cutting device that will help you add some tantalising chopped boilies around your hookbait - what carp could possibly resist?

CHOPSTIX Bait Chopping PVA Mesh System

How long should a Spinner Rig be?

How long is a piece of string? This is a tricky question to give a definitive answer to as hooklink length depends on many variables, including fish behaviour, bait choice and the nature of the lakebed. As a starting point, with fluorocarbon, aim for a boom of around 6-8 inches. Using a braided boom, don't be afraid to push the length to 10-12 inches. 

Do you need putty on a Ronnie Rig and where should you put it?

Not necessarily. This is largely dictated by the buoyancy of your hookbait choice. With some pop-ups, particularly those that have been heavily glugged, the weight of the hook and our new Tungsten Dog Bone Ronnie Clips will be enough to hold it down. With others, like cork ball/dust options, a significant amount of putty may be required. Try to put this where the crimp or knot meets the large ring on the swivel, not over the swivel itself, as that will impede the rig's movement.

OMC Putty on a Spinner Rig

What is the difference between the Ronnie and the German Rig?

Whilst they might look the same with the hookbead arrangement on the hook, the Ronnie and the German are quite fundamentally different. The primary difference is with a Ronnie the hook is not actually tied to the line, just mounted on a swivel. This serves a few purposes; when fished as a pop-up, it allows the angler to have the hook sat up in the best position for a carp to mouth at the bait and get hooked. With the hook essentially held in place by a sleeve or shrink tube, it also makes it incredibly easy for the angler to replace the hook should it become blunted.

In contrast, a German Rig requires the hook to be tied to the mainline, usually in the same style as the traditional Knotless Knot Hair Rig, just without the hair. This means the rig is better fished as a bottom bait or wafter presentation, as its movement is a little more limited. 

Author Chris Haydon has just joined the OMC Family after six years working for the UK's number 1 fishing publication, the Angling Times. He is a keen coarse and carp fishing all-rounder, fishing in the South West region, including the famous Cotswold Water Park.