Why Fishing is the BEST Thing to do With Dad This Father's Day | Team Taylor

For many, fishing is a tradition passed down in the family from generation to generation. Thousands of young anglers start their journey on the bank with parents or grandparents, get hooked, and hopefully go on to share their passion with their own children one day. So, if you're looking for something to do as a family this Father's Day, there's only one thing for it - go fishing! 

Luckily, at OMC, we are fortunate to be supported by a family who absolutely adore going carp fishing together - meet Team Taylor! Here's their story and why fishing, for them, is the number 1 thing to do with your spare time...

Meet Team Taylor - Mum and Dad, Tim and Cassie, and Daughters Tallulah and Willow - together they make a family that just loves fishing! 

Growing up carp fishing with his dad Tony in the UK and France, Tim fished the likes of Manor Farm and Dream Lakes in the late 90s. When his dad sadly passed away, he continued to fish, using lots of his father's old gear, including rods, reels, alarms and boots which he still uses now. This kit holds real sentimental value and is another reminder how fishing, once in the family, stays in the family.

Tim Team Taylor Manor Farm 'Gut Bucket' Carp
Tim Team Taylor Fishing

That's certainly been the case for Tim, who ever since meeting Cassie, has taken her fishing. Even before the girls came along, their dates could be a trip to Crowsheath or Hollyfields Lakes with the Sunday papers, bacon rolls and some sunbathing thrown in. Fast forward some years, they now are joined by their two daughters, making precious memories every time they hit the bank...

"As a young family we all loved summer days spent fishing with bread on the top at places like Slough House, Pea Lane and Tyler’s Common," Cassie says.

"From a young age, the girls loved seeing the fish take the bait, hooking and landing them. We feel these lovely days, along with Tim's passion (he always takes a rod on our travels - from Turkey to the Caribbean!) naturally led to the girls wanting their own setup, to go much more often, and to learn every element of carp fishing. 

Team Taylor Fishing

"Fast forward to last year, when we were touring in our caravan, and Tallulah went to take Tim a bacon sandwich and the rod tore off. She hit it, and then spent the whole rest of the holiday fishing every day.

"When we came home, it was spring time, so the weather was good and Dad surprised her with her own rods, reels and alarms. It felt like they went every night around that time.

"Me and Willow would bring food over and spend the evening together, and Willow too enjoyed hitting a fair few. She also liked to try and make her own bait for Tallulah to try."

Team Taylor Carp Fishing

With the whole family now well and truly hooked, Team Taylor have enjoyed some truly incredible fishing over the last year...

"The girls began learning how to tie rigs, watercraft, bait preparation, and fish care", Cassie tells us.

"Tallulah had an incredible year and enjoyed meeting the angling community. Tim and Tallulah went to local park lakes, joined a lovely members water, and then tried some iconic Essex venues such as Berners Hall and Bayeswater.

"She had some epic sessions, landing two 30lb-plus carp, countless high 20lbers, winning fish of the week, featuring in Total Carp and Angling Times magazines and test fishing at unopened waters. We also booked her onto a women’s social for her to meet other female anglers, who we remain in touch with now.

"During the winter, we visited all the winter carp shows and the girls both loved the support they received and meeting their fishing idols, who by now they watched on the TV and YouTube channels regularly.

"At the shows the girls met Parker Baits, their bait of choice and were unbelievably invited to the factory to make their own bait and feature on their YouTube channel - Taylor Twist was born!

"They were now fishing with their own bait! This year, Tim and Tallulah even went on their first French trip, and Tallulah bagged the biggest fish of the week - a huge 44lb 8oz mirror!"

Team Taylor Tallulah 40lb mirror carp

Not to be outdone by her older sister, Willow has caught some special fish of her own this year too...

"By now, Willow's interest naturally progressed and with the weather improving, she got back out on the bank. She had a mega session at Churchgate Lakes recently, having two known 30s in one session and four other stunning twenties," Cassie told us. 

"She then went to Lyon’s Drove and banked four fish, including an amazing PB - a common of 34lb 2oz, just shy of the lake record. She was the Junior Prize winner in Total Carp this month too."

Willow Team Taylor 30lb carpSo why should your family try fishing? Team Taylor have this message to anyone thinking of giving it a go for the first time...
"We love the escape that fishing offers us. It gives a chance to switch off from the pressures of work and school, away from screens, it teaches so many life skills, and will hopefully stay something timeless we can all enjoy together," Cassie says.
You can follow Team Taylor's family fishing adventures at: https://www.instagram.com/team_taylor_82/
Author Chris Haydon has just joined the OMC Family after six years working for the UK's number 1 fishing publication, the Angling Times. He is a keen coarse and carp fishing all-rounder, fishing in the South West region, including the famous Cotswold Water Park.