5 Reasons Why You Need To Go Carp Fishing RIGHT NOW!

Here at One More Cast, we love carp fishing!

It is exciting, challenging and gets us out in some amazing environments. But we understand carp fishing isn't for everyone.

If you are an angler who perhaps thinks carp fishing isn't for you or someone who hasn't tried fishing at all, read on.

And if you're a carp angler already, but just needing some motivation to get out, here's 5 reasons why you should...

Carp Fishing Wildlife Scenic

Experience Nature Like Never Before 

Carp anglers really do get to see it all, from beautiful morning sunrises over a misty lake, to bats swooping around the water in the evening. You really are out there in the wild when you go carp fishing, even on the more commercial venues.

As carpers we bump into all sorts of wildlife on our travels, some that live above the surface and many that live below. Each are treated with respect and admiration, even those species that drive us mad, like bream. They all share the habitat that our target calls home.

Just a look through some Polarised glasses when fishing reveals more about the underwater world than many non-anglers would know in their lifetime.

Carp Fishing Scenic

Make Lifetime Friends and Memories

99.9% of anglers you meet on the bank, especially carp anglers, are some of the most down to earth and chilled out people on the planet. You kind of have to be to wait for days on end for a bite in all winds and weathers.

The majority of carp anglers love a good chat, are happy to help each other and share in the epic experience of carp fishing. Lifelong friends are often made on the bank and they go on to pursue their shared interest together, even if sometimes it can get a little competitive!

Ali Hamidi and Bobby Zamora Fishing

Carp Grow Big and Fight Hard

Carp are an impressive species of fish. Not only do they grow to huge sizes in excess of 100lb, they live long (well over 50 years in some cases) and are immensely powerful.

A really big carp is likely to be one of the strongest fish you do battle with. But they aren't just brainless brutes, as our extensive underwater filming has shown time and time again, they often show fascinating signs of intelligence.

This is why we are constantly developing our Terminal Tackle Range, to keep anglers one step ahead of these crafty fish, so we can keep those nets wet and photo albums full! 

Ali Hamidi Big Common Carp

Work Towards a Goal

Just like in many other sports, carp anglers are constantly working towards a target, which gives them the drive and determination required to achieve it.

It could be to catch a certain number of fish, master a particular method, or even catch one big fish that may break their personal best. Setting a goal in life keeps us motivated. The best carp anglers out there have motivation in abundance.

The great thing about carp fishing goals, however, is they are largely personal. Whilst there are world, national and lake bests, most anglers just want to keep bettering their own records, catching bigger and bigger fish, which makes for one epic journey to look back on.

One of the main goals for the OMC Team at present, alongside making some of the best fishing tackle for anglers, is to dive into the underwater world to create fascinating and educational carp fishing films - you won't believe some of the footage we have captured so far!

Big Carp Underwater

Visit Amazing Places!

Carp fishing takes us to some spectacular places all over the world. From France to the USA and even Australia, you will find big carp waiting to be caught. 

They don't only live in stocked commercial lakes either; reservoirs, canals and even rivers in many countries hold good stocks of carp.

So, if you really want to experience everything carp angling has to offer, get that passport ready, the world is yours to explore.

Lake Orellana

Surely we have inspired you to get those carp rods out now, but if you still need that extra push, there's a stack of brilliant films on the OMC YouTube channel that will get your inner carp fire burning...

Author Chris Haydon has just joined the OMC Family after six years working for the UK's number 1 fishing publication, the Angling Times. He is a keen coarse and carp fishing all-rounder, fishing in the South West region, including the famous Cotswold Water Park.