The Biggest Carp Ever Caught On The Magic Twig

Ever doubted the effectiveness of the OMC Magic Twig? The innovative self-triggering hooking device that took the carp world by storm in 2023, has continued to throw up massive fish for those anglers who have put their faith in it in 2024.

Combined with our Lock Hooks for a match made in heaven, carp find it very difficult to eject, with most OMC anglers still not having lost a single fish on either the Lock or Twig.

Earlier this year, the Twig scaled new heights, capturing its biggest carp to date, an enormous 71lb monster from France, caught by OMC's Roo Abbott.

For winter fishing, Roo combines the Lock and Twig with a long hair Blowback maggot rig. These tactics helped him catch the giant fish from a Carp Fishing Destinations venue on just his first night. You can't do much better than that!