This Bait and Rig Are The Absolute NUTS! | Mike Payne

Tiger nuts are one of the best baits for carp fishing, but many anglers struggle with finding ways to present them.

OMC's Mike Payne has a great solution - the Fluorocarbon D-Rig! 

By drilling and plugging your nuts with cork you can create a super-balanced presentation which presents beautifully over clean bottoms.

1 - Start by taking 10 - 12 inches of the Blend Fluorocarbon Stiff.

2 - Grab a Colne V size 4 Hook.

3 - Use a whipping knot to start forming the D.

4 - Thread on a Vitabitz Micro Ring Swivel.

5 - Tie a knotless knot, ensuring to always go through the back of the eye of the hook.

6 - Thread on a large Dazzlers Magoliner Aligner.

7 - Add a 30mm Blend Tungsten Anti Tangle Sleeve.

8 - Tie a Twisted Figure 8 Loop Knot in the end of the hooklink.

9 - Drill out your tiger nuts with a 6mm drill and add some cork flush into the insert.

10 - Use Bait Floss to add the tigers to the swivel, tie two overhand knots and blob down.

Take a look at the HUGE French carp Mike caught using this exact rig...