BIG CARP HAULING / North West Angler / Mark Woof / One More Cast / Interviewed by Chris Haydon

An OMC promise to take our loyal customers #carpfishing 👀: You catch fish, and we’ll celebrate your achievements by making content with you 💪🏻. Welcome to ‘Fishing’s Got Talent!’ By One More Cast !

There was no better place to start than at RH Fisheries’ Monument 2 😍, where we met with Mark Woof, perhaps one of the most in-form carp anglers in the UK right now! 🔥

He’s had a 64lb UK PB, a 70lb-plus French PB, and a lifetime of thirties and forties in just the last few months 😮. In this short interview, we find out more about how he did it. You’ll be amazed at the simple tactics and rigs he uses to catch these beasts - get on the CHODS AWAY! 🔥