How To Find The Best Carp Spots | Jake Taylor

Finding the right spot to present your rig on is crucial if you want to catch more and bigger carp consistently. Most anglers do this by casting out a lead or marker float with a heavy rod and braided mainline, then pulling the rod to the side to feel the bottom.

OMC's Jake Taylor, however, has a secret method for "feeling the lakebed" which will not only make you far more precise, but will help you when it comes to finding "spots within spots."

Jake has used this tactic for many years to help him catch big carp in the UK and abroad, as well as win some of the most prestigious matches in UK carp fishing.

Here's how to do it:

1 - Cast out and point your rod straight at the spot.

2 - Tighten straight to the lead and create a bit of slack.

3 - Then walk or pull the line back slowly.

4 - This method means you can cover an inch of the bottom at a time and find the real hotspots.